terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Batalha de Rap

Harry Potter X Voldemort. Quem ganha?


Voldemort #1
I'm the darkest dark wizard in all of history,
I'll slay your ass out like Cedric Diggory. 
With a wave of my finger Ill put you on the floor 
You's a punk ass little kid without Dumbeldore,
I'm the best wizard rapper you ever will see, 
you're a peewee witch midget with a dead mommy. 
I've got multiple souls and can raise the dead 
If you think you can win then you've been sorely misled 
Harry #1 
You's a big bald fairy, you think I'm scared of you 
I smoked basilisk and I'll smoke you too. 
I got witches in class I got witches in the halls
If you look under my cloak, you'll see my Hagrid size balls.
I win at wizard duels, I win at wizard chess, 
Got platinum coated DUBS on my Hogwart's Express 
 You can't touch me son, I drive magic cars 
I dish out big hurt you just pass out little scars! 

Voldemort #2
Poor little Harry, you're such darling lad. 
Do you miss you uncle? Your Mom? Your Dad? 
Oh that's right I killed em, you're little owl too. 
All your friends are next, I'll cut right through your crew. 
You look like Marcy from Peanuts and your wand is tiny 
Is that why you couldn't close the deal with Hermoine? 
My boyz are called death eaters, they're black magic studs 
They'll make you disappear, they don't care for mudbloods 
You can never find me, it's like trying to catch smoke 
You hide from me with your punk ass cloak. 
You think your invisible, but I can see through that!
 I'll run up with my wand and go RATA TAT TAT 

 Harry #2 
Say it don't spray it your breath smells like a grave 
Your teeth look like tombstones and your nose is concave 
Your head looks like a golf ball your face looks like a lizard 
Here's the toll free number for the hair club for wizards 
The toughest gang around is Gryffindor crew, 
wizards drive by's is what we do 
When dementors try to ice me I step right up and own em 
I crack a butter beer and say "Expecto Patronum"!

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